Mark Hussey

Mark Hussey

Approx 1:30pm on the Crash Stage 2015


Having already been reasonably well connected in the industry due to being the MD of a live club house band in my days as a PhD student I managed to make it work somehow and have never looked back. The guitar has given me more pleasure than anything else I can think of and has become my closest friend.

In recent years I have endeavored to further develop my all round skills as a guitarist to reach the highest possible standard I can. It’s getting better every day as I learn more and more. Please read on and take a good look through my website to learn more about my playing, if you are interested in booking me as a session guitarist, listening to my music or are interested in one of myarrangements for fingerstyle guitar. I am equally comfortable performing on electric, acoustic and nylon guitars in a wide range of styles.

I’m always happy to hear from you if you wish to hire a guitarist forrecordings, arrangements, live performances or anything related to guitar.

2015 Acts announced for MitP, 3rd May 2015