Tay O'lay

Tay O'lay

Approx 7:00pm on the ASM Stage 2017


Ideal for wedding receptions and parties, Tay O’Lay brings a sense of fun mixed with a high professional standard in both musicianship and vocal harmony.
All of the members of the band are multi-instrument musicians as well as accomplished singers.
The band was founded in 2012

Band Members :-

What does the name mean?

We wanted to think of a name that sums up the band and is also unique.
When we get together to practice we seem to get through copious amounts of tea.
Tea drinking seems to be a British past time… it’s enjoyed by young and old alike, it’s user-friendly and leaves you feeling happy and refreshed.
Basically a cup of tea makes you feel good.
And that sums up Tay O’Lay… a party that is entertained by Tay O’Lay will be happy, refreshing and make you feel good.
So… what does it mean?
Tea with milk in French is spelt “The au lait”
But it’s pronounced… you guessed it… Tay O’Lay
It’s a happy coincidence that O-Lay also means “Fun” in Urdu